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Online PC Backup

It happens to the best of us. We all have memories in digital form on our computers, and unfortunately these days that makes us vulnerable to loss because of the spammy online virus and hacker types. I learned the hard way back in 2005, that if you want to keep what is important to you on your home computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone, you must back them up to a cloud server of some type on a regular basis.

The first time I went through this type of devastation, I decided to just go out to Best Buy and get myself a secondary hard drive. That was a mistake, because even though it gave me a second layer of security, I found I was always forgetting to backup my files onto it. Once again I lost a hard drive do to an online virus and to my dismay, again most of my important files and pictures were lost.

Enter MyPcBackup, now I no longer even have to think about backing up my files because the software does it for me automatically daily. It also backs up my tablet and smart phone, so I no longer have the stress of loosing all my personal files or pictures ever! With this new peace of mind I sleep better and no with certainty that my PC is safe from the bad guys. online backup enables you to set upĀ all of your devices to back up on a daily, weekly or monthly basis with the click of a button. No more having to remember and write down sticky notes to remind you to do this. ALso MyPcBackup is great for any budget, because it cost less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks to take care of all your devices monthly. It is a no brainer that you will enjoy for years to come.

Just check out the video below and check out the service for yourself today for free!

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